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October Declaired "Principals Month"

Posted Date: 10/27/2020

October Declaired


"Sinton ISD would like to thank our principals and assistant principals for the outstanding work they do for our children and our staff members.  Governor Abbott has issued the following declaration that October is "Principals Month" in the State of Texas and we feel very fortunate to have such amazing leaders on our campuses.  Thank you: 


Luci Rodriguez, Principal, Welder Elementary School

Connie Seago, Assistant Principal, Welder Elementary School

Lori Trevino, Principal, Sinton Elementary School

Letty Ruiz, Assistant Principal, Sinton Elementary School

Jennifer Landry, Principal, E. Merle Smith Middle School

Margie Torres-Garcia, Assistant Principal, E. Merle Smith Middle School

Albert Byrom, Principal, Sinton High School

Leslie Balerio, Assistant Principal, Sinton High School

Stephanie Hesseltine, Assistant Principal, Sinton High School”