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Academic Decathlon Regional Results

Posted Date: 02/10/2020

Academic Decathlon Regional Results

The SHS Academic Decathlon team competed at Regionals this weekend with team members garnering a total of 10 medals and over 30,000 points in the Small Schools division.

The team is composed of Rees Flinn, Sachee Patel, Ella Troup, Will Houser, Jesus Rivas, Richard Gomez, Nichole Alvarez, Destiny Cavazos, and Eliseo Hernandez. Alternates are Marisa Sanchez, Ada Martinez, and Amber Molina.


Will Houser- 1st Scholastic (perfect score of 1000!)
Eliseo Hernandez- 3rd Varsity
Sachee Patel- 2nd Honors
Ella Troup- 1st Honors


Ella Troup- 3rd Honors


Rees Flinn- 2nd Honors

Language & Literature:

Rees Flinn- 3rd Honors

Team High Scores:

Rees Flinn- 1st Honors
Will Houser- 1st Scholastic
Eliseo Hernandez- 1st Varsity

Please join us in congratulating the team’s outstanding efforts!  As always, thank you for supporting the Academic Decathlon program.

 Academic Decathlon Team Academic Decathlon Team