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Become a Bus Driver

Sinton ISD is always looking for professional caring bus drivers. For more information please contact the Transportation office at 361-364-6854.

Here are some links to help you become a bus driver.

Bus Driver Physical Form

Here is the book for the bus drivers license.

Test Information from DPS

For Bus Driver CDL the test are over sections:

  • 1 – Introduction
  • 2 – Driving Safely
  • 3 – Transporting Cargo Safely
  • 4 – Transporting Passengers Safely
  • 5 – Air Brakes
  • 10 – School Bus
  • 11 – Vehicle Vehicle Inspection
  • 12 – Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test
  • 13 – On-Road Driving
  • 14 – Special Requirements for Texas Commercial Motor Vehicles.

Practice Tests and Apps

Study App for your phone:

Website with practice tests: 

Flash Cards we created for studying

Pre Trip Videos


Brake System Components

Air Brake Test:

Drug Testing Information

Self Certification CDL Forms


  • Drivers with Restriction P (NOT Endorsement P) are Category 2 on Form CDL-7 and do not have to submit a medical certificate each year but are RESTRICTED  to ONLY driving school buses.
  • Driver with NONE or who do NOT have a P RESTRICTION are Category 1 on From CDL-7 and DO have to submit a medical certficate each year to the DPS.
  • You only have to self-certify 1 time or if you change your status.
  • Drivers are allowed by DPS to renew their license up to 12 months BEFORE it expires. Drivers who may be going on medical leave should renew their license BEFORE they leave so that you will have 5 years to regain your medical certificate and full CDL status. Without a medical card you will lose your CDL status when you try to renew. 
  • If your license expires YOU MAY have to take ALL TESTS and the DRIVING test AGAIN so don’t let this happen.


Driving Record Info

Point System: Local Copy: schoolbusdrvrreceval


Bus Driver Re-certification Class Online (Requires Logon) –