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What is AVID? 

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination; meaning only you can make it happen.   AVID focuses on students in the middle with academic potential.  AVID motivates students to seek higher education while providing support and tools to empower them to succeed in rigorous academic curriculum, college, and other post-secondary opportunities.

AVID is a philosophy and culture that is researched based with proven results of student achievement in college, career, and life.  Through intentional instruction of key skills, AVID develops students as readers and writers.  AVID also teaches specific strategies for critical thinking and higher level inquiry. AVID has a proven track record of thirty years in bringing out the best in students and closing the achievement gap.

While AVID strategies are taught at the elementary level, AVID at the secondary level is an elective class and the curriculum includes instruction in organization, studying, and communication skills; along with development in writing, test-taking strategies, preparedness, personal development, and team building/collaborative learning skills.

It is a privilege to be in the AVID elective class and AVID students must commit themselves to improvement and preparation for college.  Students must be an active learner, attentive, commit to taking notes, and are expected to maintain satisfactory grades, behavior and attendance. All students who would like to apply for AVID at the secondary level must complete an AVID student application and be interviewed to be considered for possible selection.


What are the benefits of AVID?  

Academic support from college tutors.

· College Visits

· AVID scholarships

· Positive peer group for students

· Guest Speakers

· Development of skills including: Organizational, study skills, goal setting, time management, accountability & success strategies.


"With tutorials, guest speakers and study groups, AVID give you the tools to be successful in school so that you have the opportunity to do what you want to do in life"

Targeted Students

  • College potential
  • Desire & determination
  • Willingness to work hard
  • Good attendance
  • Good behavior
  • Average to high test scores

Welder Students Learning What AVID Means

AVID-A is for Advancement Meaning Moving
AVID-A is for Advancement Meaning Moving
AVID-V is for Via Meaning Through
AVID-V is for Via Meaning Through
AVID-I is for Individual Meaning Me!
AVID-I is for Individual Meaning Me!
AVID-D is for Determination Meaning Hard Work
AVID-D is for Determination Meaning Hard Work