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Technology FAQs

We’ve all been there: it’s frustrating when something doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

Here are some of our most frequenty asked questions and other advice to help you get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

It’s a meme because it’s true, but, have you tried turning it on and off again? A quick restart can solve most problems immediately.

If you are still having problems, you should then put in an IT Work Request.

Go to our Work Order page and click on “Sinton Independant School District”. Select which campus the issue is occurring at. On the Work Request page, click on Category > IT and enter all the information for your request and click Save. Remember to include your classroom number and Sinton ISD property tag number which is the white bar code sticker (very important).

First, check your username field. Your username should consist of your first name initial in addition to your last name without spaces. Next, check your caps lock key and make sure it is off. If you have forgotten your password, or have been locked out contact the technology help desk.

Files should be saved to your Google or Y: Drive and never to the local hard disk or desktop. Storing actual files, folders or programs on the desktop is not a good practice. This area is not backed up and has been known to be removed in the process of repairing computer errors.

First of all, NEVER open an email when you do not recognize the sender.  When you receive an email with a suspicious title or sender, right click the email in your inbox and add it to your block senders or junk senders list or you could just delete it altogether.

Moving your computer is a bad idea.  You should never move your machine unless you know for certain that there will be a network connection available and also that there is an electrical outlet available. Please submit a ticket if you’d like to move something.

Because of the complex nature of a networked PC environment, software interactions, and legal issues, our policy is that users are not allowed to install software. IT staff are the only people authorized to perform software installations.

You would need to put in a work request for this software installation. If this is software that has never been used before, it will need to be checked for compatibility.
Note: not all software will work with our machines and not all software is supported by our network.